Afrotropical species of Diaparsis Förster, 1869 (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Tersilochinae)

A. I. Khalaim


Thirteen Afrotropical species of the ichneumonid genus Diaparsis are recognised (including one spe­cies from Seychelles and one species from Reunion). Eleven new species are described from Gabon, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda: D. abstata sp. n., D. aneucliformis sp. n., D. interstitialis sp. n., D. inusitata sp. n., D. kolyadai sp. n., D. minuscula sp. n., D. mostovskii sp. n., D. probleformis sp. n., D. robusta sp. n., D. vo­luptuosa sp. n. and D. vulgaris sp. n. Two previously known species, D. evanescens (Morley, 1912) and D. moesta (Holmgren, 1868), are re-described following re-examination of their types. The latter species is found to belong to the genus Tersilochus Holmgren, 1859 (subgenus Tersilochus s. str.), in which it was originally described. An identification key to 13 Afrotropical species of Diaparsis is provided.

To cite this paper: Khalaim, A.I. 2013. Afrotropical species of Diaparsis Förster, 1869 (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Tersilochinae). African Invertebrates 54 (1): 127–159.

Published electronically: 30 April 2013

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