Distributional range of the South African maritime spider-egg parasitoid wasp, Echthrodesis lamorali (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae: Scelioninae)

C.A. Owen, J.A. Coetzee, S. van Noort


The southern African coastline plays host to nine spider species. Two of these, namely Desis formidabilis (O. P.-Cambridge, 1890) (Araneae: Desidae) and Amaurobioides africanus Hewitt, 1917 (Araneae: Anyphaenidae), are recorded as hosts for an intertidal spider egg parasitoid, Echthrodesis lamorali Masner, 1968 (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae: Scelioninae). These two spider species occur from Lüderitz (Namibia) along the coast to East London (Eastern Cape Province, South Africa), while their parasitoid has been known from only a single locality on the Cape Peninsula. The South African coastline was surveyed from Jacobsbaai (Western Cape Province) to East London in an attempt to determine the full distribution of E. lamorali. The wasp was only reared from host eggs collected on the Cape Peninsula, confirming a high degree of ende­mism for this species.

To cite this paper: Owen, C.A., Coetzee, J.A. & Van Noort, S. 2014. Distributional range of the South African maritime spider-egg parasitoid wasp, Echthrodesis lamorali (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae: Scelioninae) African Invertebrates 55 (2): 323–332.

Published electronically: 2 October 2014.



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